How do I give to Grace Church? 

There are several ways to give to Grace Church. 

  1. By cash or check. For the most accurate record of these gifts, please use a Grace Church Giving Envelope. Note that you can also give via credit/debit card by writing your info on the envelope, as well as set-up recurring gifts. These transactions are processed on the next business day after Sunday service. You are also welcome to an envelope home and mail them to the office at any time.

  2. Online. Click CONTRIBUTE and set-up a one-time or recurring gift using your bank account or credit/debit card. 

What is the preferred way of giving to Grace Church?

Setting up giving through your bank account (ACH) is our preferred way for contributors to give. Grace Church pays the least amount of processing fees with this method. 

Is it safe to use my bank account number or debit/credit card?

Yes. Grace Church takes the safety and security of your information very seriously. No credit card or banking information is kept beyond initializing your authorized gift. All hard copies of giving records stored securely with limited access and only kept for 6 months before being shredded. 

Grace is also PCI compliant and is tested quarterly to ensure the utmost security.